Our Vision

A Pioneering, Apolitical and Responsive officers’ Union movement with Enlightened values, Committed Cadre, Inspiringly led, Ever at the focused services of the members, the Bank and the Nation.

Our Mission

To carry the torch of an exemplary Movement. To preserve & protect the dignity, self-respect, duties & rights of the officers in the work place. To eradicate discrimination, nepotism, favoritism & any type of unethical exploitation at the work place.

All India Union Bank Officers’ Federation (AIUBOF) formed in 1964 is a proactive organization with membership strength of more than 35000, commands absolute majority status in our Bank. It has 22 affiliates cutting across the length and breadth of the country. Earlier days it was hostile management and reluctant membership as well as interference by staff unions in the affairs of officers. During the formative period up to 1972, the officers’ movement had undergone many threats and challenges from different corners. It was the able leadership of stalwarts like Com.N.R. Bhagawadia, Com. E.J. Chenoy, Com. S.B. Godiwalla, Com. S.P. Krishnaswami, Com. V.B. Naik, Com. K.R. Chabaria, Com. K.M. Dougly, Com. S.Soundararajan, Com. Bihari Patel, Com. B.N. Shukla,Com. N.Govindarajulu, Com. Pankaj Das, Com. A.P. Singh, Com. Padmanavan, Com. Ashokan, Com. Ramdass, Com. Sanjib Chatterjee, Com. Sukhenker, Com. H.S. Marwah, Com. P.C. Kohli, Com. Saroj Mohanty, Com. Boota Singh, Com. Birender Kumar, Com. R.S. Rawat, Com. P.K. Sarkar, Com. Nitin Desai, Com. Harish Padiyar, Com. P.V. Mohanan with their vision, sacrifice and organizing skill that motivated the rank and file and contributed to the growth of the Federation to the services of the officers, working class and the Bank. The contribution of the stalwarts of the past in restoring the self esteem and service condition of officers will be written in golden letters. The Federation is alive to the cause of the officers’ fraternity and the Bank. The Federation has succeeded in consolidating the officers’ movement under the leadership of Com. Shyamal Chaterjee, President and Com. Debasis Ghosh, General Secretary with the support of dedicated office bearers & activists throughout the country & achieving many laurels under the leadership from framing of best promotion policy in the Industry, unique transfer policy and introducing various welfare measures/schemes covering all section of officers including monetary benefits etc. and continuously pursuing for the betterment of officers’ class as a whole.

Mr. Nitin Desai & Mr. Debasis Ghosh is the President and General Secretary respectively, of the Federation duly elected on 7th & 8th June 2014 held at Kolkatta under the supervision of Hon’ble Court of Calcutta. Upon retirement of Mr. Nitin Desai on superannuation on 30.06.2014, Mr. Harish Padiyar Co-opted as President of the Federation in Working Committee Meeting held in Ahmedabad & w.e.f. 01.11.2014, Mr. Shyamal Chaterjee is co-opted as President of the Federation in the Central Committee Meeting held at Bengaluru. Now w.e.f. 01.12.2015, Com. Prabhat Saxena is copted as President of the Federation in the Central Committee Meeting held at Lucknow.

22nd Triennial General Council of the Federation held on 11th & 12th June 2016 at Indore. We have pleasure to inform you that after 14 years, a central committee is formed with unanimity and once again endorsed the courageous, united, prudent & collective leadership of the team AIUBOF under the leadership of Com. Debasis Ghosh, General Secretary & Com. Prabhat Saxena, President along with their entire “TEAM AIUBOF”. Com. N.N. Abhang is coopted as President of the Federation wef 01.11.2018. After superannuation retirement of Com. Abhnag on 31.05.2019, Com. P.M. Balachandra is coopted as President of the Federation wef 01.06.2019.

23rd Triennial General Council of the Federation held on 27th & 28th December 2019 at Delhi. Election was held in free, fair, transparent and cordial manner and all the delegates & observers were present during the entire process of voting. After completion of all rounds of counting, final result was declared. it is pertinent to mention here that once again entire panel proposed by Shri Debasis Ghosh under the leadership of Com. P.M. Balachandra, General Secretary & Com. Paresh P. Nakhwa, President along with their entire “TEAM AIUBOF” as courageous, united, prudent & collective leadership .

The Federation has introduced various Welfare schemes for the benefit of the members and their family. Death relief, G.R. Anand Memorial Award, Merit Awards in the names of Former Leaders of the Federation to the ward of the members etc. are available to them. The Federation was publishing monthly journal “Union Vision” since last twelve years. It will be made available in our new Web Site, now onwards for our readers & no charges will be levied for Union Vision. The magazine aims at imparting knowledge on developments in Banking and other related fields that takes place from time to time.