Shared Service Centre (SSC)

6264 dated 25.10.2015, 6366 dated 16.05.2016
Setting up of shared service centre in Mumbai, as an HR initiative under ongoing “Project Utkarsh” started functioning by servicing 2 zones wef 02.11.2015 on a pilot basis and 4 zones added wef 21.03.2016 & in all zones wef 19.05.2016 on PAN India basis for sanctioning of claims pertaining to below mentioned modules:-
Conveyance Expenses    Cleaning Expenses  Reimbursement of cost of Brief Case
Entertainment Expenses     News Paper Monthly Mobile Expenses Bill 
Travelling Expenses / TA Leave Fare Concession      Uniform and Liveries Bill for Sub Staff  


Union Bank of India, Shared Service Centre, The Arcade, Tower – 4, East Wing, 2nd Floor, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Colaba, MUMBAI – 400005

Telephone Nos. : 022-22178851; 22178852; 22178853; 22178820

Some Important points & guidelines mentioned in circular to be taken care of by staff members while submitting claims:-

Timely booking of tickets & enclosing of fare chart

All staff members are advised to ensure that they book their tickets within a day or two after sanction of LFC Leave / Advance. Staff Members are advised to get their LFC Leave / Tour / Advance sanctioned well in advance in order to avoid last minute high cost ticket bookings.

If it is found that, tickets have been deliberately booked on the last dates and in cases where comparative fare charts are not made available and the fare appears on higher side, bank will reimburse the fare which is currently available on travel sites for the advance bookings for the number of days falling between date of sanction of LFC Leave / Advance and the actual travel date. Sometimes, this may lead to monitory loss to staff members. Hence all staff members are advised to follow the above said instructions scrupulously.

If staff members are experiencing any problem in getting comparative Air Fare chart from IRCTC site or any other travel site, they may get the help from HR Dept. of their RO or form SSC by sending an e mail at

Auto Credit of TE / LFC Advance

Sanctioning of Advance against TE / LFC will continue to be done as is being done hitherto by their respective Competent Authorities and advance amount will be auto credited as information vide SC6342 dated 26.04.2016.

Permission for travel by air

Officers up to Scale IV are not permitted to travel by Air for attending Training / Seminars both internal or specialized institutions as clarified in SC 4311 dated 15.10.1996. Regional Offices are advised to issue training nomination orders well in advance so that tickets can be reserved without any hassle.

Extension of LFC block

It is observed that in certain cases, LFC block has been extended by Competent Authority without proper reasons. It has been advised vide SC 5157 dated 11.03.2005 that no extension of LFC block be permitted as a matter of routine. Extension of LFC block may be permitted in rare and genuine cases and only in cases of Bank’s exigencies. Such extension should also be permitted only once up to a maximum period of three months only. Hence staff members at all levels have to plan their leave and availment of LFC well before the expiry of validity of the block,

CVC Guidelines

As per the CVC guidelines circulated vide letter no. DP/PAD/267/2015 dated 12.06.2015, eligible staff members are to book Air Tickets for LFC under the lowest refundable available economy fare for that day. Authorities sanctioning LFC advance should verify the same and are required to submit a copy of the travel date comparative fare chart of various airlines on the date of booking. The said fare chart is invariably to be uploaded along with the bills. The said chart may be taken from the IRCTC website for Air Travel This website can be opened on all PCs in the Bank. Alternatively, print out taken from any other online travel website such as Make My Trip, Yatra, Cleartrip, Goibibo, Ezeego etc will also be acceptable. A mandatory declaration by Staff Member and a mandatory confirmation by the Sanctioning Authority, has already been introduced in the LFC module in Union Parivar.

Some other important points which were circulated vide HR Deptt. Circualr letter No.CO:PAD:980 dated 25.01.2016 are hereunder:-

Inland TE / Transfer bills

For claiming transportation charges, staff members should obtain the following documents from the transport agency and to submit the same along with their transfer TE bills.

  1. Invoice / bill of the transporter must contain breakup of Freight Charges. Packing Charges, Loading & Unloading Charges if any, Insurance amount if any, Service Tax is a must.
  2. Consignment Note / MLR / RR with weight of the goods is a must.
  3. Packing List
  4. Payment Receipt, clearly mentioning the total amount paid.

While claiming 15 days Diem allowance on transfer, staff member should inform

  1. When he/she has been allotted Bank’s quarter leased accommodation.
  2. A copy of allotment / sanction letter of quarter / leased accommodation, if he/she has been posted outside his/her native place, must be enclosed along with transfer bill.
  3. Declaration that staff member or his/her spouse or his/her family is not having their own house at the place where he/she has been transferred.
  4. A declaration giving the required details is attached with the circular as annexure (link given above). Staff members have to enclose duly filled and signed copy of the same along with transfer TE bill.

Permission for travel by own car

In case Officer is travelling by personal car for official trips/LFC, a separate written approval from the Competent Authority is to be obtained and to be enclosed along with proof of journey like toll tax receipts, petrol bills etc. (SC 5939 dated 07.01.2013). Mode of travel mentioned as personal car in tour program will not be accepted as approval to travel by personal car.

Wherever staff members are using CAB/Taxi as local conveyance for the official tours, please ensure to obtain taxi bill receipt, if the bill amount is more than Rs.500/- per trip. In cases where staff member is undertaking journey by Taxi for longer distance specific written permission from Competent Authority to be obtained.

LFC Final Claim / Encashment

  • Home Town LFC : For home town LFC it is mandatory that employee as well as his family members for whom he has claimed home town LFC must visit home town/domicile. Valid proof for having visited the place of destination /visit/home town/place of domicile, etc., as declared by the employee are to be submitted along with LFC claims (e.g. Hotel bill, Purchase bill, ATM withdrawals, Petrol bills or any other evidence).
  • Frequent requests for cancellation and re-apply of LFC :
  • SSC is receiving frequent requests from Staff members to cancel the LFC encashment already processed and sanctioned, stating that he/she has forgotten to apply for PL encashment and forgotten to select the eligible dependents, etc. Staff members are, therefore, advised to take proper attention before submitting the LFC encashment request.
  • Various representatives /requests are also received from Staff members informing that on previous occasions they have inadvertently claimed All India LFC instead of Home Town LFC which had already been sanctioned. All Staff members are requested to take utmost care while selecting “purpose of visit”. It may be noted that LFC once sanctioned cannot be altered modified, where domicile town is not updated in Union Parivar, staff members are required to get the same updated in Union Parivar first, by HR department of the concerned RO and then to apply for Hometown LFC, instead of proceeding by selecting “rest and recuperation” and later on requesting for alteration/modification in Union Parivar.
  • Staff members who prefer to travel by own car/taxi should obtain prior approval from concerned Regional Office and a copy of the approval letter is to be submitted along with final claim. Mode of travel mentioned as personal car in tour program will not be accepted as approval to travel by personal car.
  • Updation of Dependent list : Prior to applying for LFC advance, staff members should see that their dependent list is updated in Bio data in Union Parivar.
  • Updation of LFC Register : RO HR Department/Competent Authority in branches is advised to take adequate care while creating/updating LFC register.

Uploading of Scanned Images

While sanctioning of TE/LFC bills through uploaded documents, in some cases, staff members have simply uploaded one document and submitted the bills. Please note that all documents pertaining to their TE/LFC claim are to be uploaded in one file. In the absence of the same it will not be possible for SSC to process the bill and the same will be rejected and employee has to again upload the documents. Each of the documents/receipts is to be certified by Branch Head/Dy.Branch Head/Dept.Head before uploading, by affixing rubber stamp as advised vide. Staff circular No.6322 dated 22.02.2016.

File Size of Scanned Images

All staff members are advised vide staff circular no.6322 dated 22.02.2016, that while uploading the documents, staff members have to ensure that scanning is done in PDF format in Black White mode with resolutions of scanner is less than 100 DP. However, in such mode some of the documents which are either having very low contrast or where font size is very small, are not readable. As such, staff members are advised to view the documents after upload and ensure that they are readable. Documents which have a very low contrast or very small font size can be uploaded using resolution between 100 to 200 DPI. We have increased the maximum size of file from 1 MB to 2 MB. Please ensure that documents with good contrast are scanned in less than 100 DPI resolution, so as to save the space and bring the entire file within 2 MB size.

Safe Custody of original TE/LFC bills/documents

Branches/Offices where the employee is posted is required to ensure safe keeping of original bills/invoices for audit purpose. To facilitate uniformity, branches/offices are advised to maintain a file named TE-101 and LFC-102 respectively. All such TE/TA and LFC bills along with original documents and first page of sanctioned claim taken out from Union Parivar will be kept in these files and will be shown to auditors during the audit of their branch/office.

We once again reiterate that the following offices will be responsible for safe keeping of original bills/documents of TE/LFC bills submitted by uploading the image in Union Parivar. For detailed guidelines regarding submission of TE/LFC bills through scanned images, please refer staff circular no. 6322 dated 22.02.2016:

Place of posting of the Employee Branch/Office/Department responsible for safe keeping of original bills/receipts/ documents
Branch Staff Concerned Branch
Regional Office/Saral Staff HR Department of Concerned RO
FGMO Staff HR Department of Concerned FGMO. If FGMO is not having separate HR department, safe keeping of bills will be ensured by the HR Deptt of Local RO.
Zonal Audit Offices Concerned ZAO
Central Office Staff Shared Service Centre
Zonal/ Regional-Vigilance Cells HR Department of Concerned RO
Service Branch/ULP/Currency Chests Concerned Branch

We reiterate that Branches/Offices coming under Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Varanasi zones will not accord any situation in respect of TE/LFC from 19.05.2016 onwards as the same shall not be taken care of by Shared Service Centre.

To enable Staff Members to contact the relevant person easily, direct contact numbers and email ids of the concerned official who is processing the claims for the allotted Zones/ROs are listed below:-


ZONE/RO Contact No. Email ID
Ahmedabad 022 – 22178803, 022 – 22151759, IP – 110851,
Bangalore 022 – 22178805
Bhopal 022 – 22178810
Chennai 022 – 22178811, 022 – 22151759
Delhi ( Except Jalandhar, Ludhiana, & Jaipur Regions) 022 – 22178803 IP – 110851
Kolkata (Except Ranchi, Sambhalpur, Bhubaneshwar, Patna & Samastipur Regions) 022 – 22178802, 022 – 22151657, IP – 110854
Lucknow 022 – 22151780
Mumbai & Central Office 022 – 22151759, IP – 110818
Pune 022 – 22151759, IP – 110855
Varanasi 022 – 22151780, 022 – 22178810
Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Udaipur & Jaipur Regions 022 – 22151657, 022 – 22178804, IP – 110854
Ranchi, Sambhalpur, Bhubaneshwar, Patna & Samastipur Regions 022 – 22151657, 022 – 22178804


ZONE Contact No. Email ID
Ahmedabad & Delhi 022 – 22188219,         IP – 110819
Bangalore & Mumbai, CO 022 – 22178812,  IP – 110852
Bhopal & Pune 022 – 22188219, 022 – 22178809,  IP – 110819
Chennai & Varanasi 022 -22188219,   IP – 110817
Kolkata & Lucknow 022 – 22188219, 022 – 22178809,  IP – 110819


MODULE NAME Contact No. Email ID
Briefcase, Mobile Bill, Uniform & Liveries 022 – 22178802, 022 – 22151657, IP – 110854
Cleaning Expenses 022 – 22188219, IP – 110817
Conveyance Expenses 022 – 22151759, IP – 110855
Entertainment Expenses 022 – 22188219, 022 – 2178809,  IP – 110819
Newspaper Expenses 022 – 22151780. 022 – 22178810


A copy of mails addressed to such officers may also be marked to for follow up.

For taking up the matter at higher levels staff members may contact the following IP / Telephone No. / Mail Ids.

Chief Manager – SSC –       022 – 22154367, 022 – 22178829

Incharge of SSC – IP – 110853, Phone:- 022 – 22178801, 22154366.