Scheme of Appointment on Compassionate Grounds

Scheme of Appointment on Compassionate Grounds

(Staff Circular No.6164 dated 19.01.2015)

Salient features of the scheme are as under:-

The revised scheme for compassionate appointment is applicable w.e.f. 05.08.2014, i.e. for the cases where death / retirement on medical grounds occur on or after 05.08.2014.

The scheme is applicable to a “dependent family member” of an employee appointed on regular basis against permanent vacancy who dies in service (including death by suicide)


Retires on medical grounds due to incapacitation before reaching the age of 55 years (incapacitation is to be certified by a duly appointed medical board in a government medical college / government district head quarters hospitals / panel of doctors nominated by bank for the purpose).

  • The spouce or wholly dependent son / daughter (including legally adopted son / daughter) in case of married employees and wholly dependent brother or sister in case of unmarried employee, are the “dependent family members” eligible for Compassionate Appointment, subject to fulfilling other conditions of the scheme.
  • The scheme also covers cases of missing employees subject to certain conditions.
  • The appointments shall be made in clerical and sub-staff cadre only.
  • The scheme is mainly for the family that is indigent and deserves immediate assistance for relief from financial destitution.
  • Application for employment under the scheme from eligible dependent should normally be considered up to five years from date of death or retirement on medical grounds and decision to be taken on merit in each case.

Dependent family members

  • Spouce / wholly dependent son (including legally adopted son) / wholly dependent daughter (including legally adopted son) / wholly dependent brother or sister in the case of unmarried employee.