21st Triennial Conference at Kolkata – 23rd & 24th June 2013

DSCN1546-002  DSCN1533-002 DSCN1532-002 DSCN1548-002 DSCN1549-002 DSCN1553-002 DSCN1555-002 DSCN1554-002 DSCN1556-002 DSCN1563-002 DSCN1564-002 DSCN1572-002 DSCN1575-002 DSCN1594-002 DSCN1595-002 DSCN1596-001 DSCN1597-002 DSCN1621-002 DSCN1633-002 DSCN1634-002 DSCN1637-002 DSCN1638-002 CERTIFICATE RESULT_1 RESULT DECLARED_1DSCN1668-002 DSCN1669-002

Please note that the photograph shown here are taken from amateur photographer as the official photograph and video recordings are not provided. If any other amateur photographer has the good photograph, he may provide the same to publish.


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