UALL – Universal Academy of Leadership & Learning

On 15th February 2015, a meeting of all Trustees was convened at Hotel The Sojourn at Salt lake city, Kolkata of our trust namely “UALL” (Universal Academy of Leadership & Learning).

After threadbare discussions, following points were emerged unanimously:-

  1. In the existing Trust Deed the following expression should be incorporated i.e. “UALL IS A TRUST OF AIUBOF”.

  2. Henceforth a Managing Committee will operate and supervise all the activities of the trust i.e. UALL and followings are the Committee Members of the Trust:-

    Shri P.K. Sarkar, Shri B.N. Bhattacharjee, Shri Debasis Ghosh from Life Trustees and remaining five members are Shri Shyamal Chaterjee, Shri Ravi Kuveskar, Shri Prabhat Saxena, Shri N.N. Abhang and Shri Swaran Dass.

  3. No. of trustees will be increased to 40 from 25. Looking to the need of inducting New Generation Serving Leaders from different states.

Good and healthy discussions were made to revitalize the trust & house has unanimously decided to use this trust for the use of our members on PAN INDIA basis and arranging programmes which will enhance trade union causes amongst the rank & file.