Dear Learned Readers,

Please find enclosed the evidence of case filed at Madras High Court. Afterall record speaks. Be Constructive & have a patience, we are trying our best to resolve this issue for the benefit of everybody.


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  1. s l s v r sarma

    yes it is true that writ is filed that is why process has been halted. what we want to know is that what is the court direction and what is management stand and that of ours

  2. amit kumar

    My Dear sir…
    very great for bringing the truth in front of all…now how they will stand….we donot believe jn complicatinv the issues is a fact … they must be replied the way they have misled the hole bank …
    we have hopes from you sir..
    nobody is against the promotion but sir what sin 2011 trfd batch committed …at least return us …..
    thanking you..

  3. s l s v r sarma

    it is true that court case has been filed but the issue is what about promotion process and transfers when it is informed by the minority organisation that nothing is pending from madras high court side and management has been given directions to conduct process. what is stopping management to conduct the process and transfer exercise and why so much time is being wasted.


    My dear sir..

    Rightly uploaded and now let us ak their reply with proof.

    After all who is benifitted out of this case , we as a majority union never believe in solving the issues outside .

    We have hopes from our GS Shri Ghosh sir and request you to please solve .

    Thanking you

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